Classic Taste Of Mexico

Chiles Poblanos With Shrimp

Two Poblano peppers filled with shrimp and our special tasty cheese. Fried in our own batter and covered with Ranchero Sauce. Served with rice and beans.


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Chimichanga Toro

A flour Tortilla filled with cheese, steak and chicken. Cooked with onions and deep-fried. Served with beans, lettuce, sour cream and Avocado.

Chimichanga Jalisco

Two rolled flour tortillas filled with Chicken, Black Beans, Spinach, and Monterrey cheese. Served with Guacamole salad and rice.

Classic Chimichanga

Fried or soft. Two flour tortillas, chicken or shredded beef. Covered with Cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and sour cream. Served with Beans.